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What Do Our Members Want?

What do our dating site members want? I took the text from over 1000 profile descriptions and made this nice word cloud of the results:

Asian Dating Word Cloud

This word cloud image gives quite a good snapshot of what dating site members are looking for. The majority of our members are women, and from the Philippines. So there’s some kind of bias towards what a woman is seeking. Words I’ve picked out from the cloud include:

  • God – most Filipinas are God fearing Catholics, so they do want a man who can share their religious beliefs.
  • Honest – honesty is important in any relationship.
  • Loving and Caring are quite prominent.
  • A few hobbies are visible, notably cook (cooking), movies and music. But these seem to take a backseat to the personal qualities such as being good and honest.

Have you noticed any other interesting words in this word cloud? Leave your comments below…

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