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Two Scammers Caught!

Scammers love looking for victims on dating sites, and sadly they’re also registering for Asian Love Connections.

So I’ve taken the action of banning two members who were definitely scammers, and have suspended the account of another probable scammer.

All three suspect accounts were men and they were presumably trying to get ladies to send them money.

Identifying Scammers on Dating Sites

Here’s why I knew they were scammers:

  • They claimed to be English men, but their Last Login Locations were in Malaysia. Sadly Malaysia is one of the major countries from which Internet scams originate.
  • They claimed to be English men, but their standard of English was poor.
  • Their photos looked like they had been stolen from elsewhere on the Internet.
  • They emailed several female members of the site and included their email address in their first email. They do this so that they can chat to their intended victims outside of the site where their actions can be monitored.

For what it’s worth, all these suspicious accounts had a low Trust level assigned to their accounts. I’ll emphasise again that you should be very careful of members with a trust level of 30 or below.

If you have doubts about somebody, then in 9 times out of 10 your intuition is right.

So when you’re using Asian Love Connections or any other dating site then look for these tell-tale signs of a scammer at work.

From now on user accounts suspected of fraudulent activity will be immediately suspended. This means the user will no longer be able to log in, and their profile will no longer be visible. If there is a large level of fraudulent activity seen from a particular country then the site will be closed to registrations from that country.

If you see any suspicious members on the site then get in touch and I’ll investigate.

Finally, don’t let the scare stories put you off Internet dating. Scammers are quite easy to spot, and there are plenty of wonderful people you can meet online. I know because I’ve met some fabulous Asian women online!

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