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Popular Names for Internet Dating Site Scammers

Asian Love Connections is a dating site with some good defences against Internet romance scammers.

Every scammer profile is flagged and recorded. Over time this has allowed me to build up a profile of a typical romance scammer.

In this article I’ll reveal the most popular names scammers have used to register on the site.

Note that this article mostly covers male scammers. Female scammers do of course exist, but they’re far less common on this particular dating site.

Popular Names for Scammers

The most popular name for a male scammer is David. After that, Harris and Harry turn up frequently. Ken, Markus and Patrick follow. James and Kevin follow.

If I had to predict what names a romance scammer would use, there’s a definite preference for all-American names, i.e. the kind of name you’d expect to be associated with an airforce helicopter pilot and general all-American hero.

Least Popular Names for Scammers

This dating site has never seen a scam profile opened by somebody named Tim. Likewise Matthews, Dans, Freds or Dales seem to be pretty legit. It’s also safe to say that an Alan or Bruce is also slightly more trustworthy.

What I will say is that you *must* be on your guard while using ANY dating site. Asian Love Connections has attracted an awful lot of scammers, and I do my best to close their profiles down as soon as they register.

One thing that surprised me was just how many male scammers there are out there who are targeting women through dating sites. So that kind of bust the myth of beautiful blonde Russian women milking American men dry of their savings. Of course we do get the occasional Western woman scammer registering, but they’re kind of easy to spot these days. Here’s an article about women romance scammers.

Have YOU ever been scammed by a Tom, Dick or a Harry? Name and shame them by using the comments section below!

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