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Avoid Reusing Passwords For Different Websites!

Just a heads up that a new dating site scam is coming to light. For details read on…

Basically scammers have a huge list of email address, username and password combinations which have been obtained from many different websites over the years. They are now using these combinations on a lot of different sites just to see if the credentials allow them to gain access to a site.

Why this may affect you

If you’ve ever reused your Asian Love Connections login email address and password combination on a different site, if that different site gets hacked and the user login details stolen, then it means your Asian Love Connections account could be logged into by a hacker or scammer.

The issue here is that if Site A gets hacked, then your accounts on Sites B – X are potentially at risk, even if those sites haven’t been hacked.

Why are scammers/hackers are doing this?

Hackers and scammers are interested in taking over legitimate accounts. These accounts have usually passed the usual anti-fraud accounts. Even worse, they can potentially intercept your communications, and start scamming the people you’re talking to on dating sites. These people are ripe for scamming, since they’re much more likely to trust “you”, or somebody who appears to be you.

What you can do about it

  • Firstly it’s a really good idea to use a different password for every different website you log into. It’s a hassle I know, but then if one password gets out there, then at least the hackers can only log into that one site.
  • Close your accounts on any site that you don’t want to use any more.
  • At the very least, NEVER reuse passwords for critical websites. By these I mean your Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo mail account, and your online banking portals.
  • Change your passwords periodically, especially for critical websites.
  • Asian Love Connections shows which country a person is logging in from. If this shows a different country to where they usually log in from, then alarm bells should be ringing. Of course they might have gone on vacation or gone to work overseas, but still be vigilant.
  • Be alert for somebody you’re talking to behaving differently – maybe their account has been compromised! Actually their account details might not have been compromised by hackers. It’s also possible that they were using a shared computer, or maybe their friends/spouse found out who they were talking to online!

While we’re talking about scammers, here’s another reminder to NEVER send money to somebody you meet online, ESPECIALLY if you’ve never met them in person.

Safe dating, and if you have any questions or comments about this topic then post them below…

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