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There Are No Women on Dating Sites!


I’m Brett, and I’m the developer and owner of the AsianLoveConnections.com free Asian dating website.

Asian Love Connections is a great place for you to find an Asian bride.

Or is it?

There’s an old saying:

There are no women on the Internet

This harks back to the days when the only people on the Internet were geeks (obviously male), or geeks pretending to be women (again male).

On dating sites you can also be who you want to be. And that means that there could well be men pretending to be women, and women pretending to be men. Actually, I’d guess the latter is much less common.

So if you’re chatting to somebody on a dating site, then for goodness sakes make sure you know which sex they are!

The easiest way of telling this is simply to call them up on webcam. Make sure when you’re chatting on webcam that the cam show is really live. My top tip here is to ask the person you’re talking to to raise a hand, stand up or something. A great psychological trick is to ask them about something behind them in the webcam picture. 9 times out of 10 if someone points out something behind us, we will turn around! If the person turns around, then you can be sure you’re actually talking to a live person, and not a recording.

A neat tool built into Asian Love Connections is that the site can tell which country (and even which city) the other member you’re interested in is from. To my knowledge Asian Love Connections is the only free dating site with this facility built in.

Use it!

You’ll find that the majority of men pretending to be women are likely to be from other countries they claim to be from. African men pretending to be Thai women are occasionally spotted on dating sites, so be very careful about chatting to somebody who the site shows is not using a computer in the country they claim to be living in.

By the way, this tool isn’t foolproof, but it’s another way of spotting red flags in dating profiles.

Incidentally, ladyboys are also common on Asian dating sites like Asian Love Connections. I specifically created the site with the option to search for ladyboys. If you see any ladyboys on the site who are masqurading as women then let me know and I’ll close their accounts.

If you want help with determining if you’re actually talking to a ladyboy then the Kings of Thailand have written a useful guide. Unfortunately it’s quite hard to tell from photos, and sometimes it’s hard to tell in real life as well.

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