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More Scammers… Here’s What a Female Romance Scammer Looks Like

Here at Asian Love Connections I work tirelessly to keep the site as scammer-free as I can.

By manually reviewing all new profiles, I (hopefully) get rid of most scammers before they appear on the site.

This being an Asian dating site, there are no doubt plenty of Filipino money lookers on here. But so long as you don’t go sending them money via Western Union or any other method, then your money is safe.

The scammers I’m most concerned about are the professional romance scammers from West Africa and Malaysia.

It’s kind of easy to spot the professional female scammers on Asian Love Connections, since they normally post photos of non-Asian women. Like this young lady below:


On Asian Love Connections she has called herself Juliana Toxlar, but I’ve seen her on other sites under the names of Daphne Mycroft and Toni Scholes.

It’s important to realise that her photo has just been stolen from a site somewhere on the Internet then used by a scammer without her permission.

In this particular case I only saw her profile on one dating site (DisabledDatingCanada) but it’s not uncommon to find scammers posting the same photos to dozens of different dating and social media sites.

So how do you avoid female romance scammers? Here are some clues in this particular case:

  • Does the person belong there? Western women on Asian dating sites – they’re out of place, and more often than not, they’re scammers (or oddballs).
  • The person posting the profile visited Google’s Ghana site before finding Asian Love Connections. This is a huge red flag since the majority of romance scammers originate from the West African countries of Ghana and Nigeria.
  • They’re using a proxy server to make it appear that they’re located in the United States. If you’re using Asian Love Connections then I recommend you make use of the feature that shows you where a member last logged in from. If it says United States and the city listed is Unknown then they’re likely to be using a proxy server to hide their tracks.
  • Google Images is a saviour if you’re using dating sites or other social networks. Right click on any person’s photo and get the URL of that image. Then go to Google Images, click on the little camera icon and paste in the URL of the person’s photo. Voila – you’ll then see a list of other sites where you can find the same image. And Google can in some cases even guess the name of the person who’s photo you’ve pasted in. This is an awesome tool for finding fake profiles using celeb photos! I recommend you also use it if you’re chatting to an Asian woman who looks hotter than the average woman on the site. Very often you’ll find they’ve stolen photos from Filipino or (more usually) Indonesian actresses and singers.
  • Scammers usually reuse dating site profiles. It’s well worth searching Google for the text that’s in their dating site profile. Put the text between double quotes when you search, then you’ll find other dating site profiles that have used that exact same text. Sometimes legit people reuse profile text, but it just makes me suspicious.

Finally, be realistic. If you’re a middle-aged average looking guy (like I am!!!), then the sort of legit Western women you’re likely to meet on a dating site are the profiles that local dating sites like OKCupid will send out to you:


They’re pretty average looking, and also close to my own age.

If you want to marry a really hot lady, check out Chinese Love Links or Filipino Cupid. Otherwise be more realistic in your expectations.

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  1. Curtis 8 May 2017 at 23:44 Permalink

    She is a good scammer she will steal your heart and then take your money

    • Adam 22 August 2017 at 21:54 Permalink

      Curtis, please email me at your latest time, I’d like to know more about your encounter with this woman.

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