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“Raven Riley” is Back on Our Dating Site

I spend a lot of time keeping scammers off the Asian Love Connections dating site, and I’m always happy to remove profiles that get flagged up by our users.

Happily the automated systems for keeping the site clean work pretty well, and they flagged up that girl again…

Raven-Riley-Scammer-AgainIn case you don’t recognise her, she’s Raven Riley, a kind of internet celebrity and “model”.

She also has the dubious claim to fame of being arguably the #1 favourite personality for romance scammers to use photos of when they upload their fake profiles to dating sites.

I’ll warn all you guys out there that girls who look like this are to be approached very cautiously on dating sites. This girl is pretty darned hot – she would get hit on many times a day, so she has no need to use internet dating sites.

Anyway, I’ll give away a little secret here. If you sign up for Gold Membership of Asian Love Connections then you’ll gain access to some additional info about each of our members. Here’s the profile from the lady above:

Raven-Riley-Scammer-ProfileYou’ll notice that the SFS Score is shown in red. That means it’s a pretty sure bet that this is a scammer’s profile. Even if they’re not, I strongly recommend you take extreme caution with a profile that is flagged by its SFS Score.

You need to keep your wits about you with online dating. Another way I know this is a fake profile is that the profile was created by somebody claiming to be in the UK. But the girl in the profile looks American and is dressed in a more American style.

Incidentally, I don’t do so much to keep Asian female scammers away from the site. It’s harder to spot Filipino and Thai scammers. Plus some girls will scam some guys, but want a perfectly legit relationship with another guy. With Asian ladies, you must obey the golden rule of not sending them money. Keep your money in your bank account, and use it to finance your next trip to SE Asia.

Any questions about scammers and scammers? Post your comments below.

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