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These Ordinary Looking Men are Out to Scam You!

A warning to all the ladies out there…

If you’re using a dating site then you need to be extra careful to make sure you’re not talking to a scammer!

Every day new scammers attempt to sign up to Asian Love Connections in order to find new victims.

I’m pretty good at spotting the rogue members these days, and I close their profiles before they can do too much damage. But some may slip through the net. And I also see the same scammers with profiles on many other dating sites. The scammers tend to prefer the smaller free dating sites. Although you’ll also find them on big name sites will millions of members, because on these sites they simply have more victims to choose from.

What does a scammer look like? In most cases they use photos stolen from Facebook, Flickr or other sites. Here’s a small part of a “scammer gallery” as seen on Romance scam:

Gallery of photos used by dating site romance scammers

Gallery of photos used by dating site romance scammers

Note that these people aren’t actually scammers. They’ve simply had their photos stolen by criminal gangs, who then use the photos when they open fake dating site accounts.

I remember the owner of China Love Match talking about a member they banned from their site for using a fake photo. But it turned out the guy was the actual guy featured in the photo, but his photo had been stolen from another dating site.

Scammers tend to choose photos of ordinary guys, much like this photo:

Photo used by a scammer to register a profile with Asian Love Connections

Photo used by a scammer to register a profile with Asian Love Connections

So what can you do to prevent yourself being the victim of a scam?

First of all, the golden rule is to not send money to anyone you meet online. And don’t send them personal details like bank account numbers.

The second rule is to NEVER trust anyone you’ve not met in person. And even if you have met them, be careful. One member of Asian Love Connections told me that she was engaged to one of our male members. I worried about this, because she hadn’t actually met the guy.

Don’t fall in love too soon!

If you suspect you’re talking to a romance scammer, add your comments below and I’ll help you as much as I can.

Safe dating!

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3 Responses to “These Ordinary Looking Men are Out to Scam You!”

  1. Fab 17 December 2014 at 01:13 Permalink

    Hello, my name is Fabiana, i am brazilian and i melt a scammer. His name is Frank Albert James, 52 years old, from UK, his daughter Mercy, 11 years old. He told me that was a bussines man and he went to Nigeria, Lagos to visit a art exhibition… so, he needs 1000 $ for pay their tax fee at the airport and borrow me this money, i told to him, i am unemployd and i dont have money… he dont talk with me anymore…

    • admin 23 June 2015 at 13:25 Permalink

      Hi Fab.

      Yes I’m sorry there are a lot of male scammers on dating sites these days.

      If you’re a lady looking for a husband from another country then the best advice I can give you is to find somebody you can trust who is also from the country you want to find a man from.

      I have some Chinese female friends and I got suspicious about a guy one of these friends was talking to on a dating site. I got her to show me a picture of him. Sure enough I identified him as a scammer. What gave him away was that he was wearing an American football shirt, yet he claimed to be from the UK.

      Anyway, if men do talk to you then just tell them you don’t have any money. If they’re interested enough in you, then they’ll come and visit you in your own town or city!

  2. julia nowak 13 November 2016 at 16:26 Permalink

    the man is jason steve..says he has a 22 yr old daughter..alonly christianwants me to send him 30k and phones laptop..sunglasses..the man in photo.is not a great looking man …i ask him to send me pic of him from computer right this minute ..he sent me a pic of him crying ..said he is building a bridge in batu caves malaysia..got robbed needs money for hotel and to pay his crew..

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