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Internet Scams and Online Love

Asian Love Connections offers 100% free online dating for both men and women. While the site has some sophisticated anti-scam features, it’s worth pointing out that Internet scams are incredibly common, and you’re very likely to come across scammers if you search for love online.

Types of Internet Scams

There are various types of scammer you might encounter on a dating site like Asian Love Connections.


The Internet is a haven for professional fraudsters.  Online fraud is big business, costing over a 1.6 Billion US dollars in the UK a year alone.

Much Internet fraud originates out of some specific countries. Asian Love Connections does actually show you which country a member last logged in from – make sure you use this facility! Although it’s 99% accurate, it can be circumvented by the more determined fraudster. Funnily enough though, dating sites are so easy to find willing victims that the scammers don’t need to bother much with hiding their tracks.

I would advise you to be extremely careful in your dealings with members on dating sites who are using computers in these locations:

  • Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus etc. etc.).
  • All of Africa (South Africa is marginally safe – Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana and the Ivory Coast are all extremely high risk).
  • The Middle East (particularly Israel, Dubai, Egypt).
  • Malaysia and Indonesia (and to some extent Vietnam).
  • That’s not to say that you won’t encounter scammers from other countries.

It’s also essential to ignore any members of Asian Love Connections who don’t have a photo in their profile. Also avoid anyone who has uploaded a photo of a plant or a car or something else that isn’t a person.

Finally, be aware that a surprising amount of the scammers I’ve caught on Asian Love Connections are actually men. Women are very popular as scam targets on dating sites, because they’re so susceptible to the old sad story –> please send money scam.

Money Lookers, Gold Diggers and Rinsers

In all of history, women have been charming men and getting them to part with their cash.

The modern day word for this is rinsing. Professional rinsers do work most dating sites, and there are even dating sites setup specially for cute girls to meet older rich guys.

The girls who do the rinsing get money, vacations and gifts. The guys get some cute arm candy in return. This often suits richer guys who are wary of marriage these days, and would rather date a girl with no strings attached.

There are large numbers of Asian girls (and also ladyboys) who sign up to dating sites in seek of sugar daddies and guys who can support their lifestyles. It can be fun to chat to these girls. But please don’t send them all your life savings. Also remember that these girls are often professional rinsers, and they will often have several guys on the go at the same time.

Are these girls scammers? I really hesitate to call them this. Often the guys they chat to are getting something in return, be it somebody to talk to or the occasional sexy webcam show.

If you’re marriage minded then I strongly recommend you avoid sending money to an Asian girl, even if you’ve met her and intend her to be your wife. By sending money you plant an idea in a girl’s head that she can simply log on to a dating site and get more guys to send her money.

Online dating can be great fun. But it’s also worth remembering the risks. International dating can be especially risky, so chat to as many people you like, but don’t get into the business of sending money to anyone you meet on Asian Love Connections or any other online dating service.

Safe dating!

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