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What Female Scammers Look Like on Asian Dating Sites

Gentleman, I’ll remind you to be vigilant whenever you use online dating sites… some ladies are not always who they claim to be.

Below are a few photos of new members who tried to register for Asian Love Connections. Luckily the site’s anti-scammer defences flagged their profiles before they did any damage.

I don’t have too much evidence that they’re actually scammers. But all 6 new dating site profiles discussed here were uploaded by somebody using the same IP address. IP addresses are normally unique to computers (or at least one building/Internet cafe), so it’s usually safe to say that somebody registering multiple profiles on a site using the same IP address on the same day is up to something…

Profile 1 – Girl in a Pink Swimsuit


Ladies (and scammers!) know that sexy photos get results. So be wary of profiles with extra sexy photos on them. On the other hand, legit ladies know how to attract guys, so sexy photos aren’t too much of a red flag.

For me, this lady’s profile is much more of a red flag. She writes:

i am serious sincere and loyal honest..i have a good moral values and character.. i am respectful and willing to relocate to live to another country

I did an exact text match in Google’s search (you can do this by surrounding the text with double quotes). The top 10 results were from sites like pigbusters and romancescam. That’s a sure sign that the profile belongs to a scammer. I’d encourage you to always Google the text of any dating site profiles that interest you.

Geeky psychology alert: somebody using words like “sincere”, “loyal” and “honest” are usually NOT any of these.

Profile 2 – Western Looking Lady


Western ladies on Asian dating sites are a huuuuuuge red flag!

Google agrees with me that this lady looks Western, and claims that the photo is of Cheryl Cole (an English celeb).

Anyway, ladies with profile photos like this should be approached with caution. Especially when the text of their profile is most definitely written in Filipino-English.

Profile 3 – American Celeb


Like the other photos in this post, this photo also looks too “good” to be on a dating site, and it’s exactly the sort of image that makes me a little suspicious.

Having said that, I did once date a Thai girl who looked a little like the girl in the photo.

But Google reads far more celeb magazines than I do, and it tells me this photo is of American singer/model Jordyn Taylor. I’ve never personally heard of her, but Google has!

Again, I can’t stress how awesome the Google image search (and similar services from other providers) are when it comes to doing background searches on people.

Profile 4 – Attractive Filipina


At 31 years old, this lady is a few years older than the typical scammer you’ll find on a dating site. Usually scammers use photos of ladies who are in the 20-25 age range.

This photo is likely to be of a genuine Filipina, but no doubt it’s been stolen from another dating site.

The profile’s text is also genuine looking, and doesn’t raise too many red flags:


If this profile wasn’t opened by the same user uploading the fake profiles, then it might have gone undetected. Which means that you need to be extra vigilant at all times.

If you’re interested in a lady and you’ve done your basic background checks, then a logical next step is to get her to appear on webcam. Then you can check that she actually looks like her profile photos, and isn’t a 50 year old man with a beard.

Profile 5 – Chinese Beauty


This girl looks Chinese, so I’d be a little suspicious if she claimed to be from the Philippines.

Google’s image search doesn’t show any matching photos, so I don’t know who she is. However, I did Google her profile description and again it showed a whole load of anti-scam websites in the search results.

Profile 6 – Model Girlfriend


This girl is apparently a model called Cherry Ann Kubota.

But for me her profile was much more of a red flag:

I’m a very passionate and romantic lady and not afraid to show my affections in private or public. I am very clean and like seeing things and people clean as well. I will always treat my man well and with respect and love and cherish him.I’m very easy going and down to earth.I Believe that a strong relationship is not based only on sex life but that a strong relationship builds a strong love life that leads to a strong and great sex life and can only happen with open communication,trust and commitment and constantly working together and being honest with my man

I did a Google text search for this description and came back with dozens of results from other dating sites.

Always be wary of people using “blah, blah” boiler plate text in their profile. It’s a big red flag. Genuine love seekers will write an original profile, and not write in cliches.

Besides, this grammar isn’t anything like you’ll see in a legit SE Asian woman’s profile. Browse a dozen womens’ profiles on Asian Love Connections and you’ll soon get to recognise legit descriptions from lonely (and lovely!) Filipinas.

Profile 7 – Bollywood Girl Next Door


This photo is apparently of an Indian actress. Again, it is just soooo important to do your due diligence on any dating site profile that interests you.

Her photo might be Indian, but her profile is authentic Filipino-English:


Again, if you want to date women from a particular country, then learn to recognise the writing style from that country. For example, it’s very easy to distinguish Filipino and Thai women from their English ka.

Profile 8 – Lovely Girl


This girl looks genuine, although there is a bit of the “Hollywood” look about her.

So there you have it, 8 examples of dating site profiles that have scammer written all over them.

Before you contact anyone on a dating site, always take a little bit of time to ask yourself:

  1. Is the photo “too good”. Do they look like a Hollywood actress or model?
  2. Is their profile text full of nonsensical sentences like “I am very clean and like seeing things and people clean as well“?

Remember that scammers are primarily after money. So don’t send your hard earned cash to anyone you meet online (or offline for that matter).

Finally, I should just add that there are many fine women on dating sites. So don’t be too paranoid. Just be alert.

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8 Responses to “What Female Scammers Look Like on Asian Dating Sites”

  1. MICHAEL 30 December 2014 at 03:51 Permalink

    got taken for 60k pesos by scammer.real name JENNIFER ORTIZ.dipolog city,zamboanga,philippines.sent about 50k pesos before i met her.quickly realised she was only after money.spent 2 nights and 3 days with her.being suspicious i checked other dating sites.found her on several.this was after she had begged me not to leave her,she was still on other sites…names she uses i found…SIMPLEJEN944…SIMPLYJENNY123 …JENN678..ETC. PICTURES OF HER ARE REAL.

  2. Dating 17 March 2015 at 13:49 Permalink

    All the dating sites are not scams. Many of them are legitimate site where you can find happiness. Here are some of the most beautiful Asian women just waiting to meet you so why have them waiting check them out to find out for yourself.

  3. Got Tricked 8 May 2015 at 05:24 Permalink

    Rena Joy Alba….one to watch out for! Don’t fall for her looks or be fooled by her sweet talking. She was warned of on a scammer site some years back but I didn’t believe it!

  4. admin 23 June 2015 at 13:31 Permalink

    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick heads up that there are still lots of scammers operating on dating sites.

    On Asian Love Connections I’m rather better at removing the scammer men as a Western guy I instantly know if another Western guy doesn’t look legit. Scammer women or ladyboys aren’t quite so easy to identify. Sure, I can and do block the most obvious female scammers from West Africa, but women who live in Asia are harder to screen.

    In general though, the hotter the woman/ladyboy’s profile, the more likely that she is a scammer.

    Be careful though, and remember if you don’t send money or get involved in a scheme, then you won’t get scammed.

    Also if you’re new to online dating, do a month or two of “window shopping” first. Talk to girls (or ladyboys) and get to know the sort of language that legit girls or scammers use. Then your gut feeling/spideysense will kick in whenever you talk to somebody new online.

    Happy dating, and if you have any more scam stories, post them below…

  5. b 3 December 2016 at 16:37 Permalink

    This site is not real i have spent alot of money!! the lady tells me she is trying to contact me with flight information and arrival, i go to the airport and nobody shows up, take pictures with your phone of letters, chat, and phone call and ladies profile thats “confirmed” after she sends you messages about flying to you and does not show up file a missing person report with the FBI they will find your lady when she is missing!!! take pictures of the site and of the lady profile and city, city and birthday since the profile is confirmed and lady does not show up then she is missing!!!!! file a Missing person report for each lady that goes missing from the site´╗┐

  6. Martin 7 December 2016 at 16:22 Permalink

    Got scammed by a Filipino woman Jessie bollita some times has aher name back wards eissej.atillob saying she loves me and that she’s true to me but took 250 off. Me then once got the money she changed and started on another man

  7. Max 24 January 2017 at 04:35 Permalink

    Oh be warned if you to the Philippines this women is a scammer who play with your emotions her name is Mary Rose Jane mag-aso I was taken for over $ 5000.00 dollars she will tell you how much loves you but just a scam

  8. Christian 16 May 2017 at 12:38 Permalink

    I think not all of these are true. I hope you do write an article about a scamming experience

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