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Example of a Female Romance Scammer

Online dating sites are plagued by scammers. So here’s an example of a romance scammer I found here on Asian Love Connections. I’m publishing some of her profile here so that you can help spot scammers on dating sites.

A Typical Scammer Profile

Debbie Mark, or Raven Riley?

Debbie Mark, or Raven Riley?

Name:  Debbie Mark

Email: [email protected]

Nationality: Canadian


I am a simple person with many interest involving the world we live in. I enjoy traveling and seeing the country but I hav m.joseph68: have a long way to go in my life’s journey


Looking for a man Aged 18 – 80

I’m on here looking for a serious relationship. I enjoy talking with people about daily life getting to know people from all over the world. I was invited to this dating site by a friend that found her man through here . I am very easy going I like to kid around and make people laugh and smile. I am someone you can lean on for emotional support and will listen as well as give you my opinion. I will not judge you in any way I am and always have stayed neutral to what people think and do in there own lives. I am just an outsider looking in and will tell you the way it looks to me only if you want my opinion. I like talking about most topics but I am not much for sports.

The Signs of a Scammer

OK, so I’m not going to giveaway all the details that allow me to spot scammer’s profiles. But there are some pretty obvious clues here:

  • Her profile photo is stolen, and the photo is really of the Internet model Raven Riley. You’ll find that this kind of photo is very commonly used by female scammers. Oh well, this fake photo has fooled plenty of other dating sites, as I found scammers using this particular photo on at least half a dozen other dating sites – including a couple of pay sites!
  • She is also using a Yahoo email address – most scammers use either Yahoo or Hotmail. Neither company does much to combat romance scam fraud carried out by their members.
  • The woman says she is Canadian – most scammers claim to be from North America or the UK.
  • She also says she’s seeking a man of pretty much any age. A genuine person is usually much more specific.
  • Finally, scammers will sign up to any dating site they come across. So you need to be much more wary of chatting to somebody who is “out of place”. In this case it’s a white, Western woman on an Asian dating site.

Be careful out there guys!

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2 Responses to “Example of a Female Romance Scammer”

  1. Dave 6 February 2013 at 11:28 Permalink

    I used to believe that only the very gullible will fall for something as simple as an email scam. I have been dealing with them for the past few week and boy! this is likely the most crafty man of all. I can only say that he is a man judging from his tone and all even though he has been sending me pictures of a pretty lady and claiming to live in Chad. Please guys you need to be aware! I decided to take the crusade off the the street when they took over six thousand dollar from a close friend.

    Email scamns and real but fatal

    • admin 6 February 2013 at 11:45 Permalink

      Yeah, be careful out there!

      There is $$$$ in Internet scamming and as a result it’s very attractive to organised criminals.

      I was always a little worried that my first Asian gf was a scammer. The fact that she didn’t speak much English made it so hard to get a straight answer out of her.

      All I can recommend is that if you want a foreign girlfriend, then do what I’m doing and go live abroad for a year or more. I’ve booked my flight to China, and I’ll have no problems with the email scammers, since I’ll be able to meet any potential gf’s in person.

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