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Additional Protection Against Known Spammers…

Hi all,

I’ve considerably boosted the security on Asian Love Connections this week.

Scammers are always a problem, but Spammers are also a problem on dating sites.

Note that today we’re talking about Spammers, and not Scammers.

Is there a difference?

Spammers like to use dating sites to contact people and send them emails about all kinds of dubious offers. Sometimes they’re after money, sometimes they just want to send you total junk. A dating site is simply another way for them to find people to send email to.

Spammers will email anyone on the site, they won’t read your profile or pretend that they’re in love with you. They just want to bother you with messages.

So I’m pleased to announce that Asian Love Connections is now subscribed to a pooled database of known spammers.

When somebody registers for Asian Love Connections, their email address and IP address will be checked in real-time against a database of confirmed spammers.

If their email address or IP address appears, then they’ll be given a spam score.

Spam scores feed back into trust levels.

Members with particularly high spam scores will not be able to email other members.

And yes, all current members have also been screened.

Members with high spam scores also get this emoticon trophy:

Look out for it, and be careful when dealing with members who have earnt this trophy!

I’m hesitant to suspend the accounts of known spammers, as they might be legitimate. Reasons why a member might be suspected of spamming activty include:

  • They might simply be using the same IP address as a known spammer.
  • They might be using a popular proxy server service, like hidemyass.
  • They might have a job as a forum spammer. This is particularly true of members from the Philippines, India and West African countries like Senegal. Nonetheless, do you really want to be chatting to somebody who has a job as a forum spammer? Probably not!

Spammers are also relatively common in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Remember that few people own their own IP addresses – they are shared and it’s perfectly possible for a legitimate person to appear to use the same IP address as a persistent spammer.

Anyway, I hope that this will give you a little more confidence that the people you’re chatting to on Asian Love Connections are genuine. I want to do all I can to make sure you have a great online dating experience here at Asian Love Connections.

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