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Site News – December 2012

Here’s a quick blog update to tell you all what’s happening to Asian Love Connections this month, and what plans I have for 2013.

As the owner of Asian Love Connections, I have two important objectives:

  1. Keep the membership base high.
  2. Help you find people who are serious about the type of relationship you’re seeking.

Keeping the Membership Base High

It’s critical that I keep the site’s membership base high. I believe that using measurement’s of a member’s trust and quality are the key to achieving this.

Behind the scenes I’ve also worked tirelessly to keep scammers off the site.

I’ve also gone further than most free dating sites by being pretty choosy on who I’ll grant membership to. I’d estimate that only 70% of people who register for the site are granted full membership. This keeps the scammers, perverts and jokers off the site.

Find Serious Members

While Asian Love Connections started off as a 100% free dating site, I have now introduced a “freemium” Gold membership option. While Asian Love Connections remains free, if you pay the modest annual membership fee (currently just $10) then you get access to a few extra features, like being listed first in the search results.

Why did I implement a paying option?

There were two reasons for this:

  1. This site costs money to run. There are significant web hosting costs, plus the cost of my time. When I’m enhancing the site or approving new member registrations, then I’m not able to earn money elsewhere. I also need money to help promote the site in order to bring in a constant supply of new members.
  2. Charging a membership fee is a very effective way of determining if somebody is really serious about having a relationship with somebody through the dating site. And if you pay for something, then you’re more likely to use it. In particular, Asian women and ladyboys need to know that the (mainly) Western guys they’re talking to have enough money to support them financially. It’s a good bet that somebody who won’t pay $10 for a dating site won’t be such a good partner for them.

Gold members have some goodies that standard members no longer have access to. Chief among these is each member’s Stop Forum Spam score. I’ve found this to be a fabulous indicator of how likely somebody is to be a scammer. Very few dating sites make use of this service.

Site Enhancements for 2013

I’ve got many plans for Asian Love Connections in 2013. The next major change will be the ability to upload multiple photos. Not even DateInAsia allows you to do this!

In 2013 I’ll also be moving to Asia myself, so I imagine this will give me a huge advantage when it comes to running an Asian dating site. I’ll be in Southern China for most of the year, so if you’re reading this and you’re interested in meeting Chinese women, then get in touch and I’ll do you some personal introductions!

Anyway, a Merry Christmas to you all, and I hope you find love in 2013!

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