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New Feature – Report a Member!

Help keep the Asian Love Connections dating site clean of bad members! If you suspect a member is a scammer, or they have been rude or abusive to you then you can now file a report about them.

Report a member by going to their profile page, and clicking on the Report Member button.

Once a report about a member has been confirmed, the member will be banned (for severe cases), or have their trust level reduced.

Reporting bad quality members also helps the site learn to automatically spot other bad members.

Note that members submitting fake or false reports will have their accounts closed!

All kinds of people sign up to dating sites, from scammers, sales people, women who are really ladyboys, and plenty of weird people! Dealing with the weird people is all part of using an online dating site!

I’m most concerned about keeping the site free of scammers. Especially those who ask for money, send you chain letters, 419 letters, advanced fee fraud emails, that kind of thing. The site is pretty good at spotting the most obvious Nigerian and Senegalese scammers, but I appreciate your help in spotting scammers from other countries and backgrounds.

Dating site scammers are pretty common, and it’s essential to learn how to spot them.

Not sure if someone is a scammer? Here you can read more about Asian women scammers, or dating site romance scams in general.

Safe online dating everyone!

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