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New Emailing Limits Introduced

Asian Love Connections is a new 100% free dating site, and I’m certainly learning that running a dating site can be hard work.

One problem that’s been bugging me (and maybe you as well!) is that there have been cases of members signing up and emailing absolutely everybody on the site (well nearly everybody). The record is one member sending 45 emails in a single sitting.

Well this ain’t gonna happen no more!

Two types of member do mass mailing:

  1. Scammers
  2. People using the “scattergun” approach of emailing everyone on the site in the hope that somebody will like them and want to reply to their message.

Already if you don’t want to get loads of emails from Asian Love Connections then you can simply visit MyPreferences and tick the box for reduced mailings. However, you might miss some great people if you do this.

So what I’ve done now is to stop members being able to send an unlimited number of emails per day.

The precise limits vary according to the Trust Level of a member’s account. The greater the trust, the higher the daily limit.

This should hopefully lead to us all getting fewer unwanted emails from members. And it will also frustrate the scammers.

Hopefully the mass mailers looking for love will still be able to send plenty of emails. This does at least demonstrate that they’re fairly serious about finding a partner.

Talking of scammers, as soon as I find out that a member is a scammer I suspend their accounts. However, the site’s artificial intelligence does find it useful if a scammer sends one or two emails, so apologies if you get these messages.

The good news is that once the site approaches a membership base of over 10,000 members then the site should be able to identify scammers as soon as they’ve registered.

Happy dating!

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