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Hi all,

On 13 July 2012 I discovered that emails being sent from Asian Love Connections were being blocked by major email providers like Yahoo, YMail, Hotmail and Rocketmail.


This means that if you’ve been sent an interest from somebody, then you might not have got the message. You might not even have got the message welcoming you to our community!


This is a big problem because approximately two-thirds of our members use Yahoo mail accounts!

So what I’ve done to fix this is to change email providers and authenticate the emails sent from the site. If you check your email in Yahoo, you’ll now see a little gold key next to our email address in the From: field. This means that our web server has been verified as the source of the emails to you.

What Does This Mean For YOU?

A requirement of the new email provider is that ALL email addresses the site sends emails to will need to be VERIFIED.

  • If you sign up to Asian Love Connections after July 14 2012 then you’ll get an email telling you how to validate your email address.
  • If you signed up before this date then you can validate your email address using the password reminder page. Add your email to the box, click on the button then click on the link on the email sent to your email address.

Extra Issues

The site is now validating ALL email addresses used by members of Asian Love Connections. This is very good news because:

  1. If someone has a valid email address then you can be a little more trusting of them. Only a little mind you!
  2. The site now has the capability to close accounts of members whose email accounts are suspended by Yahoo, Hotmail, GMail or other providers. This makes it a little more easy to spot obvious scammers (assuming somebody else has reported them).
  3. Members using obviously fake email addresses will no longer be able to use the site.
  4. I can now spot members whose email accounts are not in good standing. These members will have their accounts automatically closed. This means you can be a little more sure that the members on the site are serious about meeting a someone through this site.

And if you’re thinking of starting your own dating site, then don’t! It’s HARD, HARD WORK and will cost you a lot of TIME and MONEY!

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