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Finding Asian Women Worth Visiting

In this article I’m gonna focus on which Asian women you want to chat to if you’re thinking of planning a trip to Asia to meet potential wives and girlfriends.

I’ve been browsing a few of the profiles on Asian Love Connections. I like to do this so I can weed out the obvious scammers and those using fake photos.

The other day, a certain female member’s profile certainly caught my eye. This is what she wrote:

sexy non virgin i want children i have big boobs

If you’ve ever dated or married a Western woman then I’ll think you’ll appreciate this Filipina’s honesty!

In the last 3 years I’ve made four trips to Asia in order to meet Asian women I’ve chatted to online.

So you have it on good authority from me that sexy big boobed girls are exactly the type of girl you want to visit when you’re in Asia!

It’s expensive to fly to Asia, so make the most of your time there!

Website Roundup

The Asian Love Connections site is growing rapidly – see the latest statistics below. Female members are overwhelmingly from the Philippines. My mom reckons Filipinas are the the best Asian women!

In time I hope more Chinese and Thai women will sign up. The difficulty here is the language barrier. At some point, I’ll release a Chinese and Thai version of the site, but it’s still kinda hard for you guys to chat to the non-English speakers, even if they do manage to register for the site.

My Chinese translator seems to have gone to ground. That’s not unusual if you’re chatting to Asian women online. Don’t worry, they normally reappear at some point!

Sign up and take a look. The site has a built in translation system, so it’s effortlessly easy to communicate with the women who speak absolutely no English. And if you want an astoundingly beautiful Chinese wife, then you’re probably gonna have to go for a non-English speaker. The site is a little expensive, but what is a hot Chinese wife worth to you?

That’s all for this newsletter. As always, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions about anything Asian dating related, then get in touch.

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