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Asian Love Connections Just Got Faster!

Hi all,

I’m pleased to announce that the Asian Love Connections dating site just got a lot faster.

Well at least the My Interests page did!

I used a useful performance meter software application on the site. This helped me to find a couple of bottlenecks that were really slowing down the performance of the site.

The biggest problem was on the My Interests page. So I rolled up my sleeves, did a bit of geeky reading, and the result is something like a 1000x performance increase!

So you’ll find that your My Interests page will now appear a lot faster.

It’s worth paying particular attention to this page.

At the top are members who are interested in you. These members are definitely worth contacting!

It’s been my experience of online dating that members who contact you first are often easier to woo than those who you need to show interest in first.

Just be a little bit wary of members who contact you first – scammers like to be pro-active and reach out to other members, so take things nice and slowly.

At the bottom of the My Interests page you’ll also see members who have viewed your profile. It’s maybe worth visiting their profile as well. As Asian Love Connections grows, it can be a useful tool to spot members who might appreciate an email or an interest from you.

Happy online dating!

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