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Asian Dating Wiki Now Available

Year in, year out, guys seeking Asian brides make the same old basic mistakes.

They send money to scammers, they use expensive dating sites, they blow their life savings on a dream…

So I’ve started an Asian Dating Wiki to help you guys do things right.

The wiki is here: http://wiki.asianloveconnections.com/

I’m busy brain dumping everything I know about Asian dating into the wiki – feel free to create an account and help me out by adding anything you know. Anyone who contributes anything good will get a free 12 month Gold Membership for the Asian Love Connections dating site.

Here are my credentials for writing the wiki:

  • I started looking for an Asian bride back in 2009.
  • I’ve visited Japan 4 times, China 5 times, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand.
  • I’ve lived in both China and Thailand.
  • I’ve dated around 50 Asian women of various nationalities.
  • I’ve met nice girls, not so nice girls, rich girls, poor girls, young girls, old girls, fluent English speakers, non-English speakers, average girls, perfect 10’s, and yes, I have met ladyboys.
  • I started the Asian Love Connections niche dating site in May 2012 and at the time of writing it’s gone past the 10,000 member stage.

Have fun!


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    Hi my name is John I am looking for a life time partner friends lover wife

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