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Want an Asian Bride? You MUST be Soooo Weird!

Hi guys,

I haven’t posted on the blog in a while. To be honest I’ve been a bit burned out of the whole dating thing myself, and have been working on my career and a few other personal development projects myself.

Anyway, I’ve noticed some things in the last year that make me moderately ashamed of the whole Asian dating thing. It’s definitely something you want to consider if you’re interested in finding an Asian wife, or (God forbid!) a ladyboy girlfriend.

First of all, some people (Western women or “Manginas”) are incredibly judgemental about the whole Asian dating thing. I don’t know if they worry about people traffiking, or the age difference, or just worry that they will be replaced with subservient women from the orient.

Well by being associated with an Asian dating site I’ve had a fair bit of hassle to deal with in the last year. I once had a link to the site from my Linked In profile and I almost certainly lost job opportunities as a result of a potential employer thinking I am some kind of weirdo. Never mind that creating a dating site from scratch is a huge achievement and something future employers should be very impressed with.

Some “friends” are also very judgemental about the whole wanting to find an Asian wife thing. The good news is that on your own search for a partner from another country you’ll soon make a whole new load of like minded friends.

The reality of Asian dating is of course a lot different. I’ve dated women in Japan, China and Thailand and I’ve also dated women from every SE/East Asian country except for Korea and Laos. Many of the women I’ve dated have had better jobs than I had, and some were very wealthy indeed.

As to the age difference – the youngest woman I dated was 12 years younger than myself. That’s an age difference that’s fairly common in the West, especially if you’re over the age of 40 yourself. And age differences are a good thing – women who have older husbands (and men who have younger wives) live longer than if they are in relationships where the age difference is reversed (bad news for cougars!).

I don’t know where the image of the subservient oriental woman comes from. The women I dated on a longer term basis were definitely not afraid to tell me when I had stepped out of line.

Many people (UK folks are you listening!?) are also worried about immigration. I’m not sure what difference a few Asian women coming over to our country means, regardless of whether or not they can actually speak English. It makes me ashamed that we subject future citizens to language tests. After all I’m currently living in Spain alongside nearly a million of my fellow Brits, yet I don’t speak Spanish.

It’s also worth remembering that for every British guy who brings over a bride from SE Asia, about five guys probably end up being “mail order husbands” and go to live in Thailand, the Philippines, China or Cambodia.

The whole immigration thing in the UK has gotten ridiculous. The REAL issue is that successive governments have utterly failed to increase the supply of housing which has resulted in the cost of living spiralling out of control.

Still, it’s good to know there are some far less judgmental areas of the world that also offer a far better quality of life than the UK.

I’ve spent the last four months living in Barcelona, Spain. There’s a huge gay and lesbian scene here. Even in my local neighbourhood, it’s not that unusual to see two guys holding hands. I suspect this would be a great place to live if you want a long term relationship with your transsexual girlfriend and don’t want to live in Asia.

Plus it’s sunny almost every day. The cost of living is low – and if you smoke or drink or like to smoke the occasional joint then that is incredibly affordable here. There’s lots to see and do as well – I’ve still only visited a handful of the many tourist attractions here. On top of that, the average person can afford to live in central Barcelona, whereas central London property rental prices are in fantasy land.

On the downside, there aren’t so many employment opportunities available in Spain, and Catalan food can get boring after a while (Catalans aren’t that interested in other cuisines).

Anyway, the take home message from this blog entry is:

  • If you want to date Asian women/ladyboys AND you value your existing friendships, then keep your romantic life a secret OR change your friends.
  • Careers and personal life don’t mix – keep them as separate as you can in this digital age. A wise friend of mine has one Facebook account for work, and one for his other interests.
  • At some point in your life you’ll stop giving a shit about what other people think of you.
  • Visit Barcelona at some point in your life – it’s fabulous!

Thanks for reading – and if you have any comments about Asian dating or anything else, post your thoughts below…

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