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Why Do So Many Ladies on Asian Love Connections Have a Low Trust Score?

One of the unique features of the Asian Love Connections dating site is that it shows a trust score associated with each member.

Trust is assigned on a percentage scale. The value of the trust rating is calculated according to a number of factors.

While it’s hard to teach a website to calculate how trustworthy someone is, the trust rating of a member does at least give you an indication of whether you want to chat to them or not.

In general, many Asian ladies on Asian Love Connections are given a low trust score if:

  • They’re very young.
  • They’re from a country where many scammers originate from.
  • They haven’t uploaded a photo.
  • They haven’t been totally honest about which country they’re *really* from.
  • They have profiles that are similar to previously identified scammers.

Beyond this, take the low trust value of a particular member as a sign that it may be risky for you to have a relationship with her. Because international relationships are risky, as are relationships involving a larger age difference.

There are plenty of other ranking signals. I’m keeping these secret!

Ways for Finding Trustworthy Asian Ladies on Asian Love Connections

Stay safe online – here’s some ways of finding the more trustworthy Asian ladies who are seeking husbands from another country.

  1. Don’t chat to anyone who hasn’t uploaded a photo of themselves.
  2. Be suspicious of new members – ladies who have been members for at least a month are a better bet.
  3. Choose a lady closer to your own age.
  4. Choose a Chinese bride. Chinese ladies with internet access tend to be moderately well off, so they don’t need to earn a living scamming men on dating sites. In fact, you’ll find that many Chinese ladies on dating sites are more wealthy than you are. I know this, because I have personally dated some of them. The best dating site for high quality Chinese ladies is China Love Match. I’ve only met one lady in China after seeing her profile on this site, but man was she high quality!
  5. If Filipinas are your favourite Asian ladies, then restrict your search to those who are actually living in the Philippines. Asian Love Connections will show you someone’s last login location. This is fairly accurate, but it’s not entirely foolproof.

Remember that it takes time to build trust in another person. And for goodness sakes don’t go sending money to anyone you meet on Asian Love Connections, or any other dating site for that matter.

Safe dating, and if you have any comments or suggestions then leave your feedback below.

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