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Want to Find Love in Asia? Be More Realistic…

I’ve been searching for love in Asia for nearly three years now. I’ve also started my own Asian themed dating site over at Asian Love Connections.

So is it possible to find love in Asia?


Is it easy?


For guys looking for Asian brides, I guess the main problems they face are:

  1. Thinking Asian women are better than Western women.
  2. Thinking it’s easy to find a bride from Asia.
  3. Thinking an Asian bride is the cheap option.

Are Asian women better than Western women? Often this idea is not based on hard facts. Personally I think the best reason to find an Asian wife is if you just like Asian women. Asian women have so many quirks and differences to Western women that you’ll have a much better time with them if you want to appreciate and celebrate these differences.

Is it easy to find a bride from Asia? In some respects it is. Look, there are estimated to be 1 million women with profiles on the Filipino Cupid dating site, but only 500,000 men. So that’s theoretically 2 women for every man.

Unfamiliar food... just one of the many things you'll face in your search for an Asian bride...

Unfamiliar food… just one of the many things you’ll face in your search for an Asian bride…

However, finding the right women can take a lot of time and money. Look at my own example. I went to Asia to meet prospective brides on four occasions. I met some lovely ladies, but I’m still not married. In fact I’m so unsure as to who is my wife that I’ve quit my job and I’m in the process of moving to Asia for a year or two.

Of course this also shows that finding an Asian bride can be expensive. I almost got lucky and I wanted to marry the first Asian lady I met. But that didn’t happen. Instead I had to pay for three more expensive trips to Asia to meet other ladies. And now I’ve quit my well paying job and I need to support myself in Asia for a year or more.

I’d strongly recommend any guy who wants an Asian bride to go do the same and me and spend at least 6 months in Asia. Then you’ll be able to date a dozen or more ladies and make sure you choose The One.

All this comes with a price though. In my case I’ve had to live frugally for many years in order to build up some savings. I’m now in the process of selling pretty much everything I own.

While it is possible to work in Asia, your options are limited if you don’t want to do the usual teaching English as a foreign language thing. While you can get decent white collar expat jobs in financial centres like Singapore, HK or Shanghai, the drawback with these is that you don’t want to be too busy to go and meet some Asian women! And of course you usually need to be highly skilled in finance, law, IT or something.

So as you can see, finding an Asian bride is a whole different ballgame to simply joining Plenty of Fish and finding a date in your own neighbourhood…

Finding a Western Husband

And for Asian ladies seeking Western husbands, it’s no less easy.

The biggest problems I see are:

  1. Ultra-picky women.
  2. Women thinking Western men are better than local men.
  3. Not putting in enough effort.

Women from all countries can often be fairly picky about their choice of husband. If you’re looking for a foreign man on a site like Asian Love Connections then the less picky you are, the more chance you’ll have of finding a husband.

The major compromise you can make is on age. Why not choose an older husband? Older guys are more sensible, less likely to have affairs, and will generally love you  a lot more than a younger guy might.

True love?

True love?

Another thing women are often picky about is the nationality of their future husband. American men are very popular. But don’t forget that there are nice men from other countries as well. Of course Canadian, Australian and British men are quite well known. But don’t dismiss men from Western European countries like France, Italy or Germany. For example, I know of several French men who are happily married to Asian ladies.

The good news is that it is possible to find a wonderful foreign husband. My first Chinese girlfriend is now married to a wealthy American man. They have a big house, a swimming pool, lots of cars… maybe soon they’ll have a beautiful mixed baby as well.

But the harsh reality was that my ex-girlfriend worked VERY HARD INDEED to get her man. She spent practically all day and night on a dating site. Her photos were also professionally done. Dare I say it, they were also a little sexy.

Did she get lucky? One other thing in her favour was that she had that certain mysterious something that men find irresistible. I guess you could call it charisma. I’ve met movie stars, and they have exactly the same thing.  I think this helped her more than anything else.

So it is possible to find a foreign husband, but it’s not at all easy. I still think that most Asian ladies are better off looking for a husband from their own country.

One other trick though – find a job in another country! Asian ladies are very popular in Western countries, and there are plenty of men who like the idea of meeting Asian ladies, but who don’t want to go to the trouble of going to the Philippines, Thailand or China.

Still, if you’re a man, woman, or even a ladyboy then there are plenty of people who might want to chat to you. Keep logging into Asian Love Connections and maybe you’ll get some good luck to come your way.

And let us know how your search is going by joining our new discussion forum.

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