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How Easy is it to Find An Asian Girlfriend?

As well as running the Asian Love Connections free Asian dating site, I’m also looking for my own Asian girlfriend (and maybe wife!)…

So what if YOU want to find an Asian girlfriend of your own?

How easy is it to find an Asian girlfriend?

I guess the simple answer to this question is that it’s both easy and difficult!

The main problems are:

  • Setting realistic goals
  • Time
  • Money

Set Realistic Goals

Finding an Asian girlfriend takes time and effort. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Finding an Asian girlfriend takes time and effort. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

The first consideration is to seek an Asian girlfriend that isn’t out of your league. Many guys think Japanese girls are cute. However, it’s not that easy to find a Japanese girlfriend. For one thing Japan is extremely expensive. For another, there aren’t huge numbers of Japanese women who are interested in finding foreign husbands. Foreign boyfriends, maybe, but foreign husbands less so.

It’s also a good idea to be realistic if you want to find a much younger Asian girlfriend. To find a younger girl it’s best to head for countries like Thailand and the Philippines, or to a lesser extent, China. Even then, it’s usually best to keep the age difference to 10-15 years maximum, or you’ll find that the generation gap is a problem. Asian ladies also tend to be quite fit, so a younger girl could wear you out!

How Long Does it Take to Find an Asian Girlfriend?

How long does it take to find an Asian girlfriend? Really dating is just a numbers game, and Asian dating is exactly the same.

If you can spend 3-6 months in Asia then you shouldn’t have too many problems finding an Asian girlfriend, or many Asian girlfriends.

If you go down the mail order brides route and use online dating, then it could take longer. While you can chat to Asian women online, it’s hard to tell if there’s chemistry in real life. So it might take more than one trip to find the girl of your dreams. And that means costs could rise more quickly than you think…

The Costs of Finding an Asian Girlfriend

Which brings us on to money. Finding an Asian girlfriend from Asia isn’t the cheap option by any means. It’s generally much cheaper to find a girlfriend in your local neighborhood.

While Asian countries like Thailand, China, Vietnam and the Philippines are quite cheap places for a Western man to live, flights and hotel costs quickly add up. To give a real world example, I’ve made three fortnight long trips to China to meet Chinese ladies. Each trip has cost around $2000. You could cut costs by taking less convenient flights, or staying in a more modest hotel, but long haul travel is still an expensive undertaking. Heck, it costs me the equivalent of $80 just to get the train from my home to London’s Heathrow international airport.

Many Western men also fail to understand the relationship that Asian people have with money. Money is very important in Asia. This is particularly so for less wealthy Asians in countries like Thailand, China and the Philippines.

So as well as the costs of finding an Asian girlfriend, you’ll need to have enough money to convince her that you’re a good long term partner. I say long term because the majority of Asian women are only interested in marriage – here’s one way in which they differ from many Western women.

Still interested in finding an Asian girlfriend? Start by chatting to Asian girls free at Asian Love Connections. Then when you’ve found 3-4 girls you’re really interested in, go visit them in Asia!

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