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Happy 2016 Everyone!

Happy 2016 Everyone!

I hope you continue to find Asian Love Connections useful. The site is a hassle to run and it doesn’t make me much cash, but it’s nice to think that another marriage might just happen because two people decided to sign up to the site and give it a try.

After a break of a couple of years I am myself back on the dating scene. So how am I finding it?

I am now back living in the West. Dating here isn’t as easy as it was in China or Thailand… but then it’s not as bad here as folk on sites like Happier Abroad would have you think.

So what is my strategy?

I still like dating sites as I can gauge so much from just a photo of somebody.

I have got fed up of the Cupid dating sites (Chinese Cupid, Filipino Cupid) and have tried something different this time.

I tried PoF but after 2 hours my carefully crafted profile was deleted – I really hate them for making a “free” dating site that’s not even truly free, not if you’re a guy who actually wants to get dates. Anyway, never fear because Asian Love Connections really is 100% free.

Well Asian Love Connections is a lot smaller than PoF but I’d encourage you to shun the big sites like Match, eHarmony and PoF and find smaller niche sites. Instead stick to a niche based on ethnicity/country of origin if you like Asian/Indian/Ebony or other women, and don’t forget sites based around your favourite hobbies, or even particular diets and medical conditions.

For me personally, one good find has been 2redbeans. This is a site popular with Chinese people, especially the millions who are of Chinese descent and who live across the four corners of the globe. If you live in or within reach of a big city then check it out and see if you can find somebody closer to home. The advantage of this site is that there are plenty of English speakers on it and if you find a Chinese partner who already has residency in your country then you avoid a lot of red tape.

So far I’ve chatted to a few ladies and got their WeChat or LINE account details, but no actual dates. I will continue to log into the site on a regular basis though.

One word of warning – although the basic site can be used as a free member, you’ll not get anywhere without upgrading to a full membership account. That is just the nature of the beast – most men MUST pay on dating sites to get success.

If you know of any other small niche sites good for meeting Asian men and women, then let us all know. I’d be particularly interested in a Filipino/Filipina dating site along the lines of 2redbeans. That would be nice, especially given how many Filipino people live and work overseas.

I’ve also used Tinder. I think it’s a lot of fun but no real dates out of that so far. My colleagues at work have done OK on it, so it’s just a matter of time. Again, I’d say that the key here for guys is to bite the bullet and buy a subscription to the site. If you want those dates, you’ve got to send lots of Super Likes.

Of course the other problem with Tinder is that you can’t specify anything much other than the age range you’re interested in.

The best thing about Tinder so far is that I found a really lovely Filipina on it. The problem? She’s 6000 miles away from where I live. I’ve no idea how she made it onto my list of profiles to swipe through, but I will continue to swipe in the hope of meeting one closer to home.

Happy dating everyone 🙂




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