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Chinese Women – The Lowdown

Are you interested in dating Chinese women? Perhaps you’re thinking about finding a Chinese bride.

Well if you are, then here’s my trip report from the 4 month period I spent living in Guangzhou, Southern China. During that time I studied Mandarin Chinese, dated nearly two dozen Chinese women, and generally had a crazy time in this comparatively little-explored country.

Visiting China

China is pretty easy to visit these days. Just bear in mind that people with passports from almost all other countries need a VISA to enter China.

It’s a bit of a hassle applying for the visa and of course it costs money. But usually it’s just a formality to actually get the visa. Remember that the visa must be applied for in advance, and it’s not something you can get on arrival in China.

When I first started dating Chinese ladies I used to fly to China for a fortnight and meet a few ladies I’d been chatting to on Chinese Love Links. Well this can work, but looking for a wife when you’re struggling with culture shock and jetlag is a tough proposition.

So if you want to find a Chinese bride then I can highly recommend you go and live in China for a while.

Living in China for a period of time is more complicated than just going there on holiday. Most tourist visas allow you to visit China for 30 days, which isn’t really enough to hit the local dating scene. So you might want to find an alternative way of staying in China for a longer period of time.

Two ways of staying in China are to get a work visa or a student visa.

In times gone past it was possible to get a “phoney” work visa but these loopholes have largely been closed. So to “work” in China now you’ll need to get a real job offer from a legitimate employer.

Most expats working in China these days are language teachers. It’s generally easy to get an English teaching job in China, especially in the smaller cities.

If you have the funds and don’t want or need to work then an alternative is to get a student visa and study in China. I chose this option and studied Mandarin Chinese at a Chinese University. This gets you a 6 or 12 month residency permit, plus you get to learn the Chinese language which is a real plus if you have any intention of finding a Chinese wife.

Living in China

China is a heck of a lot different to Western countries and to live there is an experience you’ll never forget!

I lived in China for four months and the major issues I encountered were:

  • Most of China has a harsh climate. I chose to live in Guangdong Province. While it doesn’t get particularly cold there in Winter, the humidity was extreme. I lost my expensive coat to mildew and the climate was very draining.
  • Chinese people are used to poor quality food. Cheap noodles and fish full of bones take some getting used to.
  • Very few people speak English. When I flew from Guangzhou to Bangkok my taxi driver at Bangkok’s airport spoke near-fluent English. I was amazed because I’d never, ever found an English speaking taxi driver in China.
  • Accommodation is quite expensive in China, especially in larger cities. Most apartments I saw in Guangzhou had 3 bedrooms, and were way bigger than a man with a single 20Kg suitcase needs.
  • The mosquitoes there were the largest I’d ever seen, and they were very aggressive!

You’ll find that after a while in China then boredom may start to creep in – especially if you choose to live in a smaller Chinese city. Thailand has better nightlife opportunities for foreigners, more bookstores selling English language books, and of course plenty of tourist sites to visit.

I guess the simple message is – if you want to live in Asia but want home comforts, then Thailand is a far better option. Bangkok had less rain, better food, a less humid climate, less pollution and far smaller mosquitoes compared to Guangzhou!

Guangzhou offers mild Winters and beautiful ladies... if you can stick the crowds!

Guangzhou offers mild Winters and beautiful ladies… if you can stick the crowds and other annoyances!

I can thoroughly recommend Southern China as a place to live and experience. A lot of foreigners opt for Beijing, Shanghai or Hangzhou. If you do likewise then bear in mind that these cities have hot Summers and cold Winters. I once visited Shanghai in January and I can safely say that it is one of the coldest places I have ever been to. On top of that I couldn’t find enough food to eat, and I got a terrible cold.

Quantity of Women

China has a vast population. If you’ve visited India then you’ll have seen much the same –


Admittedly I’d chosen to live in Guangzhou – one of the world’s most overpopulated cities. But a few years ago I visited a girl in a “small” Chinese city – whereby small meant a population of “only” 4 million!

So you’ll probably not struggle too much to find ladies you like the look of in China.

China is awash with people...

China is awash with people…

Getting dates is somewhat more difficult…

There aren’t too many English speaking ladies in China. While in Thailand even uneducated women can often master Thailish, Chinglish isn’t really much of an option in China.

I’ll also point out that there are comparatively fewer women who have accounts on Chinese Love Links than there are ladies on this site’s sisters sites Filipino Cupid or Thai Love Links.

Really you can put this down to the fact that there’s no particular shortage of men in China. So Chinese women don’t often have too much trouble finding suitors.

Quality of Women

Well I can’t fault the QUALITY of the women I dated while I was in China. All of the ladies I met were educated to degree level. A good portion of them were fluent English speakers.

I also met several wealthy and ambitious ladies. Several were way more wealthy than I was.

Contrast that with my experiences in Thailand. Six months of dating in Bangkok and I only met 3-4 women who had been to University. Sure, these ladies were nice and fun, but if you’re an educated guy then you’ll most likely be better off marrying a lady who has a similar background to yourself.

There’s definitely some sort of pyramid/reverse pyramid going on as far as Asian dating is concerned. In China a foreigner will mostly date upper/middle class ladies. But in Thailand a foreigner will only really date working class ladies. Needless to say if you consider yourself middle/upper class then you’re probably better off looking for a Chinese rather than a Thai bride.

I did learn in China that educated ladies are all well and good, but I really value LOOKS. Again, China didn’t disappoint in this department. I dated some very attractive ladies. All of the ladies I dated had awesome figures. Some described themselves as chubby, but none were remotely anything like the obese women you see all the time in the West.

Are Chinese girls the most beautiful on the entire planet?

Are Chinese girls the most beautiful on the entire planet?

I have to say that I also admired the ATTITUDE of Chinese ladies. They were pretty much all interested in getting married and having kids, i.e. the happiness family future that many guys are also seeking. Chinese people worship babies and kids, but I never really saw that so much in Thailand.

Guys often worry about Asian ladies just being in it for the green card/Western passport. To my mind this was never really an issue. I was open to the possibility of living in China, and only one lady I dated in China seemed really set on a new life in the West.

Mostly the ladies I dated in China just wanted to be loved.

Alternatives to China

Chinese women are hot, but China isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Fortunately there are alternatives…

While getting my 12 month Thai visa I made a visa run to Malaysia. This is a very underrated country! Malaysia has a large Chinese population, and it could be a good place to find a “Chinese” bride. Malaysia is also much more open to tourists and visitors. I got a 90 day visa on arrival – thanks Malaysia!

If you have in-demand skills then you might also want to consider living in either Hong Kong or Singapore.

Taiwan is another possibility, but finding a Taiwanese bride is going to be harder work than finding one from the mainland.

Finally there are Chinese ladies in Thailand and the Philippines. However, they tend to be more assimilated into the local population, so you might be disappointed by the ladies you could meet in these countries. I met a Thai-Chinese girl in Bangkok. She had the beautiful skin you’d expect from a Chinese girl, but on the downside my Mandarin was better than hers (which isn’t saying much).

Was it all Worthwhile?

After four months of living in China I failed to find The One. I guess I’m pretty picky. But then marriage is a gigantic commitment, and one that’s not to be undertaken lightly. I’m also aware that marrying a foreigner is a *huge* leap for a Chinese lady to make. So I wouldn’t want to potentially ruin the life of a lady who I wasn’t 110% sure about.

China has huge numbers of beautiful women, as well as being a fabulous place to visit and experience...

China has huge numbers of beautiful women, as well as being a fabulous place to visit and experience…

At this point I’ll also say that Asian dating (maybe all dating) is extremely hard work if you’re marriage minded. There is also a definite random factor – you just don’t know when a very special lady will turn up in your life. So there’s absolutely no point telling yourself that you’ll allow 1/3/6/12 months to find a wife. Love simply doesn’t work like that. All you can do is put yourself in the path of love, and wait for destiny to run its course. And if that means moving to China, then so be it.

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