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Is the Thai Girl You’re Chatting to Really a Bar Girl? Find Out Here!

Asian Love Connections now has an additional online tool – a Thai bar girl detector:

So if you’re interested in Thai ladies and you want to avoid bar ladies, then use this free tool to check your girl out!

I will just add that I have nothing against bar girls. I met many while I was living in Bangkok, and I had a tremendous time with them.

However, many guys would prefer to marry a Thai lady who has a more legitimate kind of job. After all, would you marry a prostitute from your own country? So why marry one from Thailand?

My own personal experience is that while bar girls are great company, often they have problems that have resulted them in taking up jobs in bars.

I got quite close to one particular bar lady from Nana. She was great fun, but the dark side to her personality was her alcohol addiction. This made it difficult for her to hold down any type of job. In the end she hit the bottle bigtime, and stopped going to work altogether.

Another lady I met was similarly great fun. But she was kind of lazy, and rarely got out of bed before 3pm. Imagine having a wife like that.

Well anyway, having or not having a relationship with a bar lady is entirely your decision. But before you plunge into a relationship you might later regret, have a good read of the Stickman Bangkok readers’ submissions for 10,001 reasons why it’s best NOT to get romantically involved with a girl who works in a bar.

Would YOU marry a bar lady? Do you know somebody who has? Got any questions or suggestions about the Thai bar girl detector? Leave comments below.

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    Would love to meet a asian ladyboy on this site that is what is searching on here never date a ladyboy before would date one and see where goes

  2. fizo 24 March 2016 at 03:06 Permalink

    seeking awomen

  3. fizo 24 March 2016 at 03:13 Permalink

    i hate bar ladies,mostly for those who drink,smoke,let her be,rich,respectiful and understand me in away that i love

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