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Two Useful Asian Wife Finder Tools

Here are a couple of tools you might be interested in if you’re looking for an Asian wife.

Both of these Asian wife finder tools are absolutely free to use, and they might help you make up your mind whether you want to find an Asian wife.

Which Country is Best for Finding an Asian Wife?

Not sure which country you want to find an Asian bride from? I had the same trouble myself. I ended up having to make some expensive trips to both Japan and China before I finally realised that although I dearly love Japan, China has the better potential brides for me!

So this Asian wife finder tool might help you out:

Basically this tool allows you to input various bits of information about yourself and it will give you a list of suggestions for the best countries you should check out in your search for an Asian wife.

What did it tell me? I stuck my data in, and the top five results for me were:

So no surprises that the countries from which I’ve already dated Asian women popped out in the top five. Singapore is a surprise entry at number 5. I’ve heard the food is good there, and it seems to be a good place to look for an expat job.

Of course Thailand and the Philippines are also great places to look for Asian wives.

Anyway, give it a go, and report back here if it tells you anything interesting (use the comments section at the bottom of this page).

Which Dating Sites Can You Use to Find an Asian Wife?

So once you’ve decided on a country, how do you actually find a wife from that country?

If you’re not already living in Asia, then online dating is worth a go.

There are a large number of Asian dating websites.

This tool can help you decide which dating website to use:

This tool knows about a wide range of popular Asian dating sites. It will give your recommendations based on your budget, which country you’d prefer to find an Asian woman from, and what type of Asian bride you’re looking for.

It will even give you suggestions for ladyboy dating sites, if you’re curious about Asia’s 3rd sex.

So I tried this tool, and the top three sites it recommended I try were:

There were nine more suggestions, so I guess I’m gonna be busy for a few evenings!

By the way, just about every dating site (including Asian Love Connections of course) offers a free membership plan. These are great for signing up and checking out the hot Asian chicks on the site! Generally speaking you then only need to buy a membership if you want to contact the girls on the site.

If you have a limited budget then there’s also completely free dating sites like DateInAsia and AsianLoveConnections. Finding a wife on a free dating site can require a little more work though.

Personally I prefer the paid sites – if someone has actually paid for a dating site membership, then you know that they’re gonna be a little more serious about actually finding a partner.

Anyway, try out as many sites as you can, and find your own favourite.

So those are a couple of tools to help you find an Asian wife. If you know of any other useful Asian wife finders, then leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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