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Asian Girl Dating – YOU Can Meet Beautiful Asian Girls Online

At Asian Love Connections we offer 100% free online dating.

Here are some tips about how to go about dating Asian girls. If you want to know about the Asian dating scene, then read on…

Who Dates Asian Girls?

Many men find Chinese girls extremely attractive

Many men find Chinese girls extremely attractive

For many years men have been going to Thailand in search of beautiful Thai brides. This process has spawned a sizeable industry, and many Thai women will have friends and relatives who have married Western men. Some men choose to retire to Thailand with their Thai brides, whereas others choose to live in their own country with their new bride.

China’s economic boom, vast population and the comparative ease of travelling to China compared to the past has resulted in many Chinese ladies looking for Western husbands. Western men looking for Chinese brides tend to span a wide age range and they’re from all walks of life.

Generally speaking, it’s younger Western guys who seem to prefer to date Chinese girls.

One dramatic change over the last decade is the large number of Asians who choose to study overseas. My local University has over 1000 Chinese students – 10 years ago that figure was less than 100! If you’re a young guy and you want to date an Asian girl then there will be no end of cute Chinese girls in your local area. Plenty of them like the idea of having a Western boyfriend.

If you are older then you have a big advantage – money. It costs a lot of money to travel to Asia and find a wife there. The best way to find an Asian wife is to move to Asia for a few years. Unfortunately few men can afford to do this, so they have to use online Asian dating services instead.

Asian Dating Services

There are loads of dating services that can help you to find the single Asian girl of your dreams. Asian dating sites are generally divided into two groups, Asian dating sites that focus on the whole of Asia, and those that focus on dating Asian women from individual countries.

If you’re looking for an Asian girlfriend but aren’t fussed about what country she’s from, then a general Asian dating site is worth looking at. Examples are Asian Kisses, Blossoms, and of course Asian Love Connections. These sites have thousands of female members from a range of countries, but most of the women are from Thailand, China, the Philippines or Vietnam.

If you have decided on finding a bride from a specific country then it often makes sense to use a country specific dating service. For Chinese single ladies the best site is Chinese Love Links. Chnlove has a lot of members and has the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen on a dating site. Unfortunately the per email charging model makes the site is very expensive and it encourages fraudulent behavior on behalf of the marriage agencies that represent the women. Not many of the Chnlove ladies have good English skills either, so you’re probably better off with Chinese Love Links, as the female members usually have some kind of English reading or writing ability.

For Thai ladies try Thai Love Lines or Thai Love Links. In Thailand there are a number of well established introduction agencies such as Anglo Thai Introductions and Thai Professional. For older guys looking for a Thai wife I would recommend looking at these agencies as they can help you a lot and there is much less chance of getting scammed.

For Filipina ladies then try Filipino Cupid, although Asian Love Connections has a large number of Filipina girls registered with it.

Dating Asian Girls from Different Countries

Most guys looking to date an Asian girl tend to look for a girlfriend in Thailand, China or the Philippines. A lot of this is due to the fact that life is hard in these countries, and good jobs are hard to come by. Although living standards have improved enormously over the last few years, there isn’t much of a social safety net should you get sick and be unable to work. I’ve seen a Chinese hospital for the less well off, and it was scary! Consequently many women in these countries see marrying a rich Western man as a way of dramatically improving living standards for themselves and their families. This can make it difficult for the Western man – is a lady marrying him for love or for money?

The other thing to remember is that not all of the Asian women on dating sites are poor. In particular many of the Chinese ladies on sites such as Chnlove are from the upper reaches of society and there are plenty of them who have better jobs than I do. Of course then you’re unsure whether a woman is marrying you just to get out of China – despite all the new money in China the Chinese (particularly single ladies) find it very hard to get visas that will allow them to travel to Western countries.

There are of course many other Asian countries in which to look for a wife or girlfriend. Japanese girlfriends are very popular. Japanese girls aren’t that common on the mail order bride type websites such as Cherry Blossoms or Asian Kisses. A good place to look for Japanese girls who want Western boyfriends is on Japan Cupid. This website is very large and has thousands of members. Just remember that Westerners are pretty rare in Japan, so the novelty factor of having a Japanese boyfriend is quite high up the scale of a fair number of the website’s female members. A lot of the site’s members just want to talk to Westerners so they can learn about Western culture and improve their English language skills. If you’re serious about finding a Japanese wife then it’s probably easier to find one by living in Japan for a while or joining an introduction agency that can screen out many of the unsuitable partners.

Korean ladies are also lovely, so guys like the idea of dating a Korean girl. The average Western guy doesn’t know a great deal about Korean culture so it can be a tough place to look for a wife or girlfriend. Although Korea is close to Japan and China, the Koreans have their own distinct language and culture (including some very hot food). I’ve never been to South Korea, but the Korean girls I saw in Japan were very lovely indeed. If you want to explore the possibility of dating Korean girls, then try Korean Cupid. You’ll also find that there are a large number of Koreans living overseas, particularly in the United States and in London (New Malden in particular).

Finding Asian Boyfriends Online

This article mostly talks about finding an Asian girlfriend. Well I’m a guy, so that’s what I like to write about. Plenty of Western women do marry Asian men, but it’s much less common compared to Western men marrying Asian women. There doesn’t seem to be much of a mail order husband type of setup, so maybe there just isn’t the demand.

Anyway, if you’ve a Western woman looking for an Asian guy then by all means register for our site. You’re guaranteed to generate a fair bit of interest from our Asian guys!

So whatever your age or tastes you’ll find it easy to meet Asian girls online. Asian girls are very lovely, although language and cultural differences mean that finding an Asian wife or girlfriend is not the easy option. Good luck with your Asian dating story.

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