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Asian Dating in 2013

I write this in late 2012, so I’m starting to think about the trends in Asian dating in 2013.

Asian Love Connections offers 100% free dating. Since I started the site in May 2012 I’ve learnt a whole lot about running a dating site!

The main themes on this site have been:

  • Scammers and spammers
  • Reputation management
  • Sorting out the serious members from the curious!

Scammers and Spammers

Scammers and spammers are a huge problem on dating sites. I pride myself on taking more care to keep Asian Love Connections scammer free than many other dating site providers do.

I’m pretty sure that the scammer issue is under control now. I’ve certainly got the male scammers issue under control. Female scammers are somewhat more difficult to detect. However, the big clue I can tell you is that female scammers are invariably the more attractive looking girls! You want to date a perfect 10? You’re gonna have to take a lot more risk!

Reputation Management

Dating sites have a somewhat shady reputation and it can be harder to deliver emails to members.

For this reason I’ve invested my own money in a secure and trusted email delivery service. Unlike some other sites, I’ve also made it very easy for you to unsubscribe from out mailings and to leave the site entirely.

I’ve also worked hard to stop scammers using the site, as again, this has a huge negative impact on site reputations.

I’ve also been fairly ruthless in deleting profiles that are offensive, full of copypasta, creepypasta (who wants to date a wierdo?) or have fake/joke/poor quality photos.

If you’re using other dating sites, particularly free dating sites, then I recommend you check out the site’s reputation. There is evidence from the members of the Romance Scam forum that some dating sites are 80%+ scammer and fake profile!

Serious Members and “Just Looking”

If you’re serious about finding a partner then you want to know that the members you’re interested in are genuinely seeking a relationship as well.

I’ve spent a lot of time working on a system that will detect whether a member is serious about finding a partner. Over the course of 2013 I intend to role this out throughout the site. This should make it much easier to find higher quality members on the site.

One other thing I want to work on in 2013 is increasing the membership base. It’s getting more expensive to recruit members to a dating site – even a free one. For this reason, at some point I’ll probably introduce a premium membership plan. While the site will continue to offer free Asian dating for men, women and ladyboys, if you want more members to chat to, then the site needs to generate more revenue.

Finally, I hope 2013 brings you happiness in your relationships!

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