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Asian Dating in 2014

Welcome to the Asian Love Connections blog. Asian Love Connections is a dating site where you can join and find love in Asia.

We are one of the few Asian dating sites where the site owner is actively seeking an Asian partner of his own. And I spent 10 months of 2013 actually living in Asia. So we’re not some faceless corporation, or a dating site started to make $$$$$ from you.

So what are the big themes that will be most important in the 2014 dating scene?


Vietnam is becoming a much more popular place for Western dudes to find Asian wives and girlfriends.

While I was living in Bangkok in 2013 I dated my first Vietnamese lady. She was smart and also had a great body. Her legs in particular were killer! Wow.

Sadly I didn’t progress that relationship much, as I got bogged down with visa runs and condo hunting. But on my longer term TODO list I wrote:


Interested in Vietnamese ladies? Then check out Vietnam Cupid, which has the largest selection of Vietnamese ladies seeking foreign guys online.

Going to Vietnam? Then pack a good umbrella!

Going to Vietnam? Then pack a good umbrella!

The Philippines

Guys I chat to on Happier Abroad continue to largely bypass Thailand and head to the Philippines in search of love. Why? Reasons include:

  • It’s much easier to get a long term visa to live in the Philippines, especially if you’re not yet of retirement age. To live in China and Thailand I had to mess around with the expense and red tape involved with getting educational visas. No such worries if you have a Western passport and want to live in the Philippines!
  • There are more single Filipino ladies on dating sites than there are ladies from the other Asian countries. Plus Philippines women are so friendly you’ll find it easy to meet them in real life as well.
  • Many guys on Stickman Bangkok (including Mr Stickman himself) will tell you that Thailand just isn’t that good for dating these days, and that Filipino women are arguably a much better choice if you want a long term relationship. That’s kind of what I concluded myself after 6 months in Bangkok and numerous dates with both Thai and Filipino women in that time.
  • It’s said that the Philippines is cheaper to live in than other countries. However, just bear in mind that the Filipino expats I talked to in Bangkok reckoned that Bangkok was marginally cheaper to live in than Manila was.
  • Of course English is way more widely spoken in the Philippines than it is in other Asian countries.

Ladyboy Dating

While living in Thailand I saw quite a few guys with ladyboy girlfriends. Check out this selection of ladyboys if you’re interested in one of the more exotic sides of dating in Asia:

Retiring to Asia

When I lived in Bangkok I saw a whole load of expats who had lived there for years. And I saw much the same in Pattaya. In fact I saw a lot of Western couples who had decided to make Pattaya their home.

Sun, sea and, er... Pattaya could be a wonderful retirement choice, especially if you're a single guy...

Sun, sea and, er… Pattaya could be a wonderful retirement choice, especially if you’re a single guy…

Plenty of sunshine, low cost of living and affordable housing mean that there can only be even more foreigners making Asia their home in 2014.

If 2014 is the year you start looking for an Asian partner, then sign up to Asian Love Connections today and see what wonderful opportunities await you in Asia.

What are YOUR plans in 2014? Leave comments below.

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